Social Anxiety Disorder – Causes and Effects

Is it any wonder that a society such as ours, one that is exploding with every kind of technological advances imaginable, advances that permeate every area of our lives, is plagued with what has been labeled Social Anxiety Disorder! Recent studies affirm the fact that with all of our psychological problems, social anxiety or as some label it, social phobia, is now the third largest of the psychological problems within our technologically advanced society. Rather than having a society panic attack over hearing this news, it would better suit us to take a closer look at what Social Anxiety Disorder actually is, and its causes and effects upon the individuals so afflicted.A simple definition of Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear involved with people interacting with other people, a fear that they don’t measure up to another’s social standard. As you look at your own social life, you no doubt have had occasional moments or times of stress or even a mild panic attack in a particular situation. However, Social Anxiety is different in that it doesn’t just happen once in a while; it’s something that is permanently with you and affects many of your daily routines. It causes this person to become extremely stressed, unnaturally focused on self in that they feel they are the center of attention; all eyes are upon them, judging them, and waiting for that fatal foul-up!Although the person with social phobia may realize that this is an exaggerated, unrealistic scenario, in his present state, he is unable to control this barrage of self-depreciating thoughts about himself. Because the person’s reactions are to “freeze up”, withdraw and fail to interact, they are often times labeled as being bashful and having low self-esteem. This is a serious mistake because it prevents them from getting the proper treatment.I hope this gives you a little insight into social anxiety part two I will go into it a bit further…until then remember you don’t have to put up with social anxiety disorder any more….You can say goodbye to all your anxiety problems.Even more deplorable, studies show that over 90 percent of Social Anxiety Disorders are misdiagnosed as manic depressive, schizophrenia, panic disorder or other related disorders. The treatment must be specific to the proper social disorder in order for it to be effective. And Social Anxiety Disorder definitely requires proper treatment!Social Anxiety can develop from a number of sources and at any age.. Studies have shown one source to possibly be genetics. From the study of identical twins having identical genes, they have found that both have developed Social Anxiety Disorder. On the other hand, studies of fraternal twins, twins that don’t have identical genes, have found the twins don’t share the Social Anxiety Disorder.Other causes of social phobia may be from what is called a learned response, either from parental or significant others in their lives who themselves experience stress and anxiety disorders or who, by their strict expectations, cause the child to give up in defeat. Yet another cause may be from early childhood experiences interacting with teachers and other children in school, not conforming to the mold of cultural expectations, thereby causing them to see themselves as unworthy and not belonging.Finally, back to our opening sentence, our technologically exploding, advanced, stressful society we now live in, in my opinion, is contributing to the increase in Social Anxiety Disorders. By destroying the sense of family and community which in the past has provided a much needed sense of togetherness and security, we now have over 15 million stressed individuals diagnosed as anxious, stressed, lonely, phobic people, desperately needing help to get themselves back into the active, productive life they were meant to have.The good news is that while the causes and the effects of Social Anxiety Disorders may vary with each individual, there are many excellent treatment programs designed specifically to get to the heart of the phobia, find the cause, and with competent professionals applying their expert techniques, design the program that will bring the results of a life restored.

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